Hip hop arrives in France. "Peace, love, unity and having fun" became the slogan of a generation.
Beat street in movie theaters, huge meeting of bboys at the Trocadero, the police intervened, we separate in quiet, filled with tremendous energy in the heart.
Alexandre and Steph Cop make their first printed t-shirts with graffiti.

The brand HOMECORE is born.

HOME [hohm], noun : the place in which one’s affections and comfort is centered.

CORE [kawr, kohr], noun : the central, innermost, most essential part of something. Provides strength and balance.


Hip-hop is recovered by the "system", including the record industry that "stereotype" it to sell it better.

HOMECORE begins a slow evolution towards a more timeless style, which will still speak about "peace, love, unity and having fun," but without calling it hip-hop.


The Fleece suit jacket borrows the cut of the Bourgeois jacket and the clothing material from the guys from the street to create a new clothing that brings people together.

This jacket defines the new direction of the brand. A timeless silhouette that does not categorize, a priori, the person who wear it. The purpose of HOMECORE is to create a practical wardrobe, elegant without ostentation, for the life of every day. The phrase "be in harmony with oneself and with the world around us" appears on the labels.


When a day is asked to Alexandre how to really "be in harmony with oneself and with the world around us," he seeks. In response, Alexandre asked himself the simple questions: What is Self? What is the world around us? There must be a Self and a World that is the same for all. The answer is as simple as the question. The skin and the kind are often differentiators parameters, and the skeleton appears as a viable common denominator for this search. To synthesize the world around us and connect to yourself, what better than gravity, this constant force to which we are all subjected at the same time.

From there, Alexandre Guarneri developed a practice to find our own center wherever we are. He called it the Gumjo. Based on the study of skeleton in gravitation on Earth, this kind of intuitive yoga practice anywhere, anytime with anyone. For Alexandre, the purity of "être ici maintenant" ("being here now") doesn’t need any frame. The Gumjo it's just breathe and let yourself go to the center, your own, the center of things or the center of other. What is the center? It is simply the physical center: you breathe in and you connect to it, when moving or communicating from this center without letting it go, we move in harmony with the whole...

After studying aesthetics, it is the study of the body and posture in the world around us that feeds the collection.


The brand takes a new start. From this study of the body, new details are born. They are now on the garments to underline the interior structure of the body, to support the posture like this red line on the spine or like the leather cord on our pants’s waist which is on the center of gravity or even this sweater with a crossed cord between the front and back that you can use to straighten posture.

The logo change. The flame and the cross gave way to a cube, with two readings: an hexagon seen flat that turns into a cube if you look deep - as in everything, the surface often hides other dimensions that is interesting to explore.


Flagship Shore opens at 9 rue de Marseille, HOMECORE universe is now displayed place.

The adventure goes on.


Everything starts now...

HOMECORE Founder & Artistic Director
Gumjo creator